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December 21, 2013


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Recapitulation: My time on dA so far.

Sat Dec 21, 2013, 11:29 AM
Hello my dears,

have a seat beneath the christmas tree, some hot chocolat and a stuff toy to cudle with. This might get a bit longer, but I’ll try my best to make it worth its while. So. Chrmn. (*opens enormous, leatherbound book and starts to read in a storyteller voice*)

I have been on dA for about three months now. I initially joined to have a place to stash my photography and admire other people’s art. And I can’t say that I regret the decision. It turned out to be so much more. Looking back on those three months I want to name a few things and people that made my time here a blast. It is one of the rare moments where I can give back a bit.

Mid of August

I tumbled about as helplessly as can be expected from someone who jumped into the ball pit after having watched from afar for a while. I spend my first couple of days uploading a shitload of photography and wandering through the forums, dropping a “hi” here and there.

At the end of August I stumbled into the drawPLZ forum to hone my (non-existant-)doodling skills and ended up flooding a muro challenge that was all about Pokemon Fusion art. What came out of that on my part is not worth mentioning, except for the fact that I had the pleasure of getting to know RhynWilliams there. Which was a great pleasure indeed. Not only because I once more had a lot of art to stuff into my favourites, but also because Rhyn is way too nice. First he set up a poll and asked people to greet the newby that was me. I was welcomed enthusiastically and got tips on what I can do on dA. By that time I fangirled over ArtByCher and rainylake . I also found the meme-section of dA and tried out my first one. And then, after winning the muro challenge, Rhyn gifted me with the Premium Month...! (insert dramatic music here). I was overwhelmed, to say the least. I didn't know about Premium Memberships at that point and spend about a whole day reading and being confused (and thankful!)

Fallen by RhynWilliams  The Heart by ArtByCher  Pika Appears! by rainylake


The funs of exploring the options of a Premium month had me thrilled – and overwhelmed. Scheduled submitting! More forums! Journal Features! Journal Skins! Custom Profile Boxes! Contests! I went wild and joined many, because I also came to the conclusion that contests are a great way of challenging myself to new artforms I may not have tried otherwise. I joined the weekly challenges at PremiumMembers, for example, or Beauty-of-Graphite ‘s contest. And on a day off I joined the Scavanger Hunt held by dACompliments . I can’t stress how much fun that was, and how much effort the staff of the group probably had had to put into it to make it such a grand thing. I also got to meet SimplySilent, Celvas and Riemea thanks to that scavenger hunt. And not only are these three awesome, selfless people, but they also showered me with welcomes and love and offered their help for me to get comfortable on dA. Celvas proceeded to comment on much of punny gallery and invited me into a real fit of amusing conversations and I’d say she’s one of the best things that happened to me on dA, overall.

And I can’t even put into words what Riemea did for me, aside from being wonderful and a constant source of support and sunshine. Not only did she comment, but she also pointed me to a bunch of really wonderful groups. Among them dAWishingWell, which supports the spirit of kindness that I’ve ever since tried to reciprocate.

Hungary by SimplySilent  The Tidy One (Journal Skin) by Celvas  Loki by Riemea

It was also around that time that I had the pleasure of having HellionScythe pop up out of nowhere. Not only was she the first person to watch me, but she also enduringly comment on whatever I uploaded. Really, be that pointless memes, photography, pokemon doodles or – whatever, you name it, she was there to give me support and encouragement.

To confuse you a bit, it was in September that I had a fangirl-kind-of-day and decided to add Marvel-movies-fanart to my gallery. And in there was a picture of Tony Stark, Man of Science, by the wonderful astarayel and I had a fangasm and favespammed probably half of her gallery for good measure before I slowly got around to exhaust her in letting out my fangirl in commenting. She put up with me admirably, by the way, and will probably never get rid of me again.

And then I noted that the wonderful Riemea and the wonderful Astarayel knew each other and I decided to ship them. And on that note. Riemea, once more, because her artwork was another great source for my ever-growing collection of favourites.

Chilling Out by HellionScythe  Man of Science by astarayel  How lovely you are by Riemea

Want more favourite-sources? I also ravished LinnFeyling ‘s gallery because of her awesome Skull-girl-art and felt incredibly inspired to use my watercolours more often. And I flailed over 3wyl ‘s photography, which really made me hold my breath sometimes in awe.

But if you thing the beauty of September ends here, you’re wrong. Nope. There also was the great Massive Charity Collab held by TommyGK that had me sold on joining more Collabs in the future. It also led to my resolve to get better at working with dA Muro, which I decided to love for the fact that it records what you do while drawing. I love watching other people’s Muro drawings unfold.

And about the end of September I also joined the wonderful ProjectComment and my first round of Comment-Tag, which was wonderfully amazing.

You Are Making Me Cry Again by LinnFeyling  Iridescent by 3wyl  Gentlemon Charity Ball 270 by TommyGK


Reallife hit me, I had to write essays and prepare for university again and didn’t get to be around as much as I would have liked to. The only thing I did in October was to prepare for November – I spammed everyone with a great bunch of Calendars for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and joined a group ( NaNoWriM0 ) for that, determined to write 50000 words in 30 days and nights. In case you’re curious – I gave up at day 15.

It was around the end of October that I decided that if I can’t submit something I could at least comment. So I went through my favourites. Remember the faving fit I had directly after joining? It was time to comment. So I did that. As I mentioned, I had been stalking people here on dA even before joining, one of them was janey-jane , who creates wonderful art; among them fanart for the first manga I ever read, Inu Yasha. I felt almost bad for drowning pretty much all her gallery in my comments. Imagine my gasping surprise when she answered. Still one of my favourite moments on dA, ever.

Shipwreck by janey-jane


Still deep in stress, I had the pleasure of reviving my childhood and getting myself pokemon x. My first doodle on a Pokemon from that generation got an overwhelming amount of favourites, by the way, so I just wanted to mention it (and thank everyone for faving it, while I’m at it). After I gave up on NaNoWriMo I also had enough time to get back for the occasional doodles and chitchat. I created a Movember-ID and won my first Muro-challenge with that! Hussah!

And then, out of nowhere, Riemea happened and suddenly I got a Premium Month that she had actually won. Yes, I know, right? She’s too kind to me! I may or may not have tried to drown her in love-smilies. I also wrote my second
Feature using one of Celvas ‘ beautiful journal skins to love!spam astarayel and Riemea a bit.

A Cream and Black Journal Skin by Celvas  Marvel Women - A to Z - Black Widow by astarayel  Vanish by Riemea


As for December, I have had the pleasure of doodling tons of Pokemon. I also compliemented a bunch of people, named some MondayMuses and joined in the “I love, You love”-journal, curtesy by Riemea and deviantHEART . It’s been very cozy and everyone spread a great deal of Christmas spirit. There was also a bereavement in my family that kind of put me off balance so I tried to cheer myself up and I’ve been off for a couple of days to bake cookies and get presents for friends and families. I’ve also been writing up this “little” journal here, which wasn’t that easy as I have a bad memory.

And just when I get back online to check if I may have missed something, my stuffed inbox knocks me out. Not because it is stuffed per se. But there was this poll, you see, by RhynWilliams . Since dA is having the event of gifting-premium-months when you get one for yourself he suggested in a poll that people could donate them to… me. Yes. I didn’t really believe it either and sniffed a bit. And Rhyn also send a shitload of points to me, being the altruistic person he is. And then there was mudimba, who gave me one premium month out of nowhere – maybe because of that poll? I gad to get chocolate by now to be able to deal with all the emotions. I might have made it through the day then and there. But then Riemea came and I lost the ground beneath my feat. Rie just gave me 3 premium months like it was nothing! Out of sheer kindness! Again! … Yes, I cried a little. I feel that no words can really express how much it means to me that these people pop up on dA everywhere, being altruistic and kind to other people without even wanting anything in return.

And that about sums up my experience on dA so for: Everyone is way. Too. Nice.

FEAR by RhynWilliams  Surf Camp Sunset by mudimba  Ring with Leaf by Riemea

So, let me say this again. Thank you. Thank you to each and everyone mentioned here and to those not mentioned here. Thanks for every random llama, for the virtual hugs, the comments, the watches and the faves. Thanks for the artists that took the time to even reply to my comments. Thanks for the points and the premium months. Thanks for the wonderful artwork and the inspiring people. Thanks for the lovely notes and deep/amusing conversations. Thanks for all the caring groups, for their journals and contests. Thanks for the four-five months I’ve had the pleasure of being part of this community. I wish each and everyone a wonderful holiday and a great start in 2014.


You still there? Lovely!
So, I really want to give back something. I couldn’t make it in time for Christmas, so I decided I’ll just create a list of things for 2014.
It was kind of hard to find something to give, though. I won’t offer any points to you here. Not because I wouldn’t love to, but because I usually save them up to give to people when I stumble over them and see that they are in need for them for a certain something. I also don’t have that many points, to be completely honest.
So I can only offer what I can actually do. I offer comments, however many you wish. I offer critiques, however many I can give. I would offer art, but from a first glance in my gallery you see that my skills are pretty limited. Still, I’d probably try anything. I offer features. (I hope you’d be willing to share them?) I can also offer to write something. Yes, surprise, I write. We could surely work something out, depending on what you would like me to write on. I can also write fanfiction for you, though I would need to know the original. And last but not least – I offer hugs. ;)
So just drop a comment on how I can make 2014 a bit brighter for you :heart:

Thanks for the awesome skin again, Celvas !

Design & Code by Celvas
Skin by Celvas (modified by a-neverending)
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Riemea Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all, it's really great to see that the community treats you well, and that you've made friends already (I was pretty much friend-less for a long time after I first joined dA :lol:)
And second, how are you even real?? You're so sweet to write such nice words about everyone, and I've read this for the fifth time at least because it's so wonderful and simply makes me smile so much my face hurts. So here, have some hugs, because I can't articulate my state of feelings otherwise: :tighthug: :iconsquishhugplz: :hug:  5 seconds hug 
a-neverending Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm usually not big on the community thing, because I'm there only very irregular and I kind of get invested too easily - but it's hard not to notice all the awesome people when there are people such as you around :love:
And gah :la: you asking me how I can be real is a reversed situation - its what I have been wondering about you all the time! :glomp: If this made you smile, I'd say mission accomplished, because that's what you've been doing to me from the start :heart:
Riemea Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww. :heart:
You are honestly one of the sweetest persons ever, I'm so very glad we met!! :hug:
a-neverending Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The same goes for me. dA wouldn't mean the same to me without you ~:heart:
Riemea Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
SimplySilent Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
What a lovely read! It's wonderful seeing how well you've joined in with the community. :love: I've met a lot of people who had a difficult time getting into the community and finding friends on dA, so it's nice to see how you've made so many new friends. :huggle:
a-neverending Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, a great deal of that is thanks to your awesome group - so thanks once more for that. I hope you get to hear that often, but it makes dA such a nice place and it makes meeting nice people so much easier! I would probably still be stashing away photos without you and that awesome Scavenger hunt. :hug: I wish you all the best and a wonderful 2014!
LinnFeyling Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow! Such kind words! Thank you so much, I really really enjoy your comments. You are my favorite :D Have a happy new year. I wish you the best!
a-neverending Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a win-win situation then :D I wish you all the best as well and I'm sure your 2014 will be fantastic :heart:
LinnFeyling Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
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